how to make yourself beautiful?


Coming back from holiday is a bit like packing a suitcase. From the outside, everything looks perfect, but as soon as you open it, it’s a mess! What does this have to do with this article? Just because everyone keeps telling you that you look good and that your surfer’s locks look great doesn’t mean that your skin and everything else is not on red alert! UV rays, salt and chlorine, have been on the attack all summer, and now it’s time to fight back!
Step 1: Hair

Your hair, let’s talk about it… Although a few tricks limit the damage, your mane can never totally escape the sun-sea-pool combo. The first thing to do is to regenerate it. To do this, don’t hesitate to visit your favourite hairdresser when you return from holiday. In addition to cutting the ends, he will take the opportunity to apply a deep treatment to moisturise your hair from the roots to the ends.


But don’t relax at home. The battle is not over! Whether you go to the hairdresser, repeat the mask routine at least once a week (twice if your hair is very dry, bleached or frizzy). And you do it right! Not just for two minutes in the shower, but two hours or even overnight! If we usually advise applying a treatment only on the ends, don’t hesitate to go through your roots at least once. That’s right! Your head has also been in the sun, and it’s not surprising that you’re feeling a little there. Unless you prefer to play film mania, but that’s your business…
Step 2: The face

So, yes, your complexion is at its best, but all this is often just a decoy… You strut your stuff for the first few weeks with your tan until the arrival of the grey weather; your Santa Barbara tan turns into a minefield! Acne, microcysts and other skin parasites have won the battle! That’s right! When we say that the sun is the number one enemy of our skin, it’s not for nothing. To protect itself, the skin produces a sebum barrier by thickening. When it “falls”, all the impurities previously “put on hold” reappear with renewed vigour. And there, you might as well say that it’s a disaster! So, we go back to good habits with a facial routine adapted to our skin:

  • cleansing lotion or gel
  • toner, micellar water or floral water
  • moisturiser

Be careful; look at the composition of the products and don’t abuse them. Moreover, a cosmetic “diet” is more than welcome. While your skin is regenerating, it would be ideal not to smother it with foundation, terra cotta and blush. Gentle exfoliation once can also apply a week to reduce skin texture. A peel at dermatologists is an option for those who can. Are you facing or fearing a severe acne outbreak? Consider a zinc treatment!
Step 3: the body

Tanned indeed, but often dry, your skin needs to be moisturised +++. To do this, add a nourishing oil to your usual moisturiser. The same goes for your feet. Even if they have been strutting around outside their shoes all holiday, they are still in need of a little “dryness”. In this case, you should soak your feet in oil for at least 15 minutes, removing any calluses beforehand if they are significant. Don’t forget to moisturise your hands and nails. Your cuticles have probably been forgotten this summer… Make up for this by massaging them every evening with an oil (castor oil is great, accelerating growth!).


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