How to burn abdominal fat?


Seven tips for burning belly fat

  1. Flat belly instructions

In the last few weeks, the concept of the sexy dad bod has been the subject of much ink and spit and has irritated a lot of chicks. As a reminder: the dad’s body is, if we translate it, dad’s body. The latest fashion in men’s silhouettes is a daddy body: pecs that are a little drawn but not too much, and above all, a little beer belly. So these gentlemen can cancel their gym membership; Kro abs are finally famous. Yes, because having a little belly is nice when you’re a boy. It’s reassuring; it’s attractive.


On the other hand, having a tiny tummy or an abdominal bulge is unsightly; it’s still neither glamorous nor sexy. Sigh. While we’re waiting for the dad bod to be out again, why don’t we try to lose some of the fat that’s squatting on our bellies?

To help us, Fork & Bikini gives us 10 tips for burning belly fat.

  1. Eat…the right foods

A fat-burning food is a food that is either low in calories (it promotes the burning of fat already present in the body), rich in fibre (it creates a feeling of satiety and prevents us from overeating), or that has fat-burning properties.

What are the best fat-burning foods to eat if you want to burn off the fat in your stomach quickly? Lemon, chilli, aubergine, oat bran, broccoli, apple, pineapple, cinnamon, pepper.

  1. Slimming tea: go green

When you have a nasty tiny balloon that has settled on your tummy, green tea is THE flat belly drink you should try. Not only does green tea have undeniable health benefits, but like all herbal teas, it is a diuretic drink. Perfect for helping our body drain fluids and therefore fight against water retention.
Not to mention that green tea is a highly effective fat burner! And yes: it contains catechins, molecules that help fight against fat storage, and theine, which boosts our body’s energy expenditure.

  1. Fight against water retention

Water retention is a formidable enemy when you want a flat stomach. Logical: when we store water in our bodies, we start to swell. So if you’re going to get rid of your round belly, you should take care to :

Limit the amount of salt in our diet. Because salt considerably promotes water retention.
Drink about 2 litres of water a day. Water is a diuretic drink. It helps our body drain and eliminates toxins. 
  1. Avoid fatty foods

If you want to burn belly fat, fat-storing foods are strongly discouraged. And among the foods that encourage the storage of fat in the abdominal area are sweets, pastries and pastries, industrial food, refined flours, crisps, sodas, fried food, etc.

Of course, this does not mean that we should cut out our fat intake, as our body needs it to function daily and burn fat. We need to make a better choice of fats (vegetable oil rather than animal fat, for example).

  1. Stop being sedentary

Often, when we store fat in our belly, our lifestyle is too sedentary. However, if you want to burn belly fat, a minimum of effort is essential.

What you shouldn’t do: not move during the week and do 2 hours of intense sport at the weekend. You run the risk of injuring yourself, and what’s more, when you want to lose belly fat, it’s better to count on the long term!

What you should do: to boost your body and your metabolism a little, start by walking a little, but every day. We walk for 30 minutes to stretch our muscles a bit and slowly activate fat burning.

  1. Relax!

If our little belly is stressing us out, we need to relax first! Explanation: when we are stressed, we produce a large quantity of a hormone called cortisol.
This hormone is known to increase the blood sugar level (glycaemia) because it is hyperglycaemic. So when we are too stressed, we produce cortisol, our blood sugar level increases, and if our body does not need it, it will store it directly in our abdominal belts. This is what is called a belly flab.

So if you want to stop storing fat in your belly, you need to be more relaxed!


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