5 yoga postures to relax

Yoga has become a popular sport, a relaxation method based on a sequence of body postures and meditations. Yoga exercises stretch the muscles and relax the body and mind. In addition to improving mental and physical health, yoga helps to combat stress and sleep disorders. Better still, it can even increase self-esteem. A recent British … Read more

Improve memory with brain gym

Hello, I’m a kinesiologist, and today I’m giving you advice to improve your memory thanks to exercises inspired by Brain Gym. So what is Brain Gym? Well, it’s a set of coordination movements that will activate the balance and my two cerebral hemispheres. It’s a set of exercises that will activate all the cerebral functions … Read more

How to burn abdominal fat?

Seven tips for burning belly fat Flat belly instructions In the last few weeks, the concept of the sexy dad bod has been the subject of much ink and spit and has irritated a lot of chicks. As a reminder: the dad’s body is, if we translate it, dad’s body. The latest fashion in men’s … Read more