5 yoga postures to relax

Yoga has become a popular sport, a relaxation method based on a sequence of body postures and meditations. Yoga exercises stretch the muscles and relax the body and mind. In addition to improving mental and physical health, yoga helps to combat stress and sleep disorders. Better still, it can even increase self-esteem. A recent British … Read more

Fat-burning recipes to adopt

Endive salad Endive is a vegetable known for its fat-burning properties. Eating an endive salad regularly is a nice idea to get a flat stomach. This delicious ingredient easily eliminates fat from the diet and can be combined with nuts for a nice starter or dish.Fat-eating soup This fat-eating soup is a well-known dish for … Read more

how to make yourself beautiful?

Coming back from holiday is a bit like packing a suitcase. From the outside, everything looks perfect, but as soon as you open it, it’s a mess! What does this have to do with this article? Just because everyone keeps telling you that you look good and that your surfer’s locks look great doesn’t mean … Read more


five simple exercises to reduce your love handles exercise is essential when you are determined to shed a few unwanted pounds on your revenge to achieve this goal there are different ways to do it most people spend hours in the gym trying to get the perfect figure all you need is a few simple … Read more

Improve memory with brain gym

Hello, I’m a kinesiologist, and today I’m giving you advice to improve your memory thanks to exercises inspired by Brain Gym. So what is Brain Gym? Well, it’s a set of coordination movements that will activate the balance and my two cerebral hemispheres. It’s a set of exercises that will activate all the cerebral functions … Read more

Sports injuries: how to cope psychologically?

hello to all today in thisshort article I will tell you about thedifficulties that can be encounteredduring a sports injuryregardless of the sport you practicethe experience you have in yoursport or even the level at which youpractice yoursport injuries are simplyinevitable in sport whether you arean amateur sportsman who likes to run onSunday mornings an … Read more

What is sports psychology?

hello everyone I hope you’re doing well we’re back for anew article that will talk aboutdrum rollsports psychology I’vealways thought that sports psychologyis a fairly obvious field thateveryone knows or understands but infact I noticed that this is reallynot the caseespecially here in Belgium manypeople do not yet understand thekind of work that asports psychologist … Read more