five simple exercises to reduce your love handles exercise is essential when you are determined to shed a few unwanted pounds on your revenge to achieve this goal there are different ways to do it most people spend hours in the gym trying to get the perfect figure all you need is a few simple exercises you can do easily even at home this routine will not only work your hips but also your abs and your legs so without further ado here are the five simple exercises that will help you lose your love handles effectively but also very quickly do this little sequence with us every morning and you will be impressed by the results

exercise number one :


the bridge the bridge and one of the most common and classic exercises to lose love handles is that’s all first lie on your back and bend your knee keeping your feet on the floor then lift your hip off the floor exactly so that your body forms a straight line from shoulders to knees hold this position for about a second or two then slowly lower back down we prepare the stopwatch begin the bridge works not only for the hips and the buttocks but also for the stomach and the back in addition to making you lose weight this exercise helps you reduce pain in the knees and back and improves posture yes you will get all of that if you do it regularly about how you feel you carry on truth be told there are also other types of bridge you can try like the single leg bridge the overturn bridge the narrow bridge and many others but let’s concentrate on the basic bridge for the moment congratulations let’s move on to the next exercise.

exercise number 2 :

the strides with you You’ve probably heard of strides this simple exercise will help you get beautiful thighs and strong and impressive legs we’re going to start first stand with your feet slightly apart then take a very big step forward with your right leg your thigh should be parallel to the ground lower your body until your right knee is at a 90 degree angle then return to the original position time will start now m straddle them are very good to strengthen your muscles and improve your coordination and your flexibility they train and sculpt different muscles including the quadriceps hamstrings and gluteus maximus plus they are very easy to do as it does not require any special equipment you do them very well keep going you can also try doing long strides with weights to make the exercise a little more difficult or straddle them side that will work for both the inner and outer muscles ok again good job

exercise number three :

a circle with one leg here is another important exercise you need to add to your list if you want to lose fat in the your thigh it only takes a few minutes but gives a great long term effect i’ll tell you how to do it to start lie on your back with your legs extended place your hands palms down then lift your right leg off the ground to pointing it at the ceiling makes a circle with your leg clockwise and counterclockwise then abc did it again the same with the left leg grew that’s the size of your circle little by little lending them there the single leg circle is one of the exercises in pilates intended to improve core strength and the pelvis remember you don’t let your re hip or your shoulders this lifted off the ground in reality it is one of the key factors of this exercise which will only be effective if your shoulders and your hip are stable moreover you must breathe correctly inspired at the first half of the circle d ‘one leg and exhale on the second repeat with me inhale exhale yes exactly like this and stop you do it better and better we only have two exercises left

exercise number 4 :

raising the legs raising and keeping the legs hanging is another way important to work your thighs your legs and your abs as you probably already know almost all the sequences include this basic and so effective exercise and we will do it right away also the technique to lift the legs and keep them suspended is simple you have to do everything first lie down on the mat while looking upwards place your legs both up then raise them to arm’s length on the floor keeping the knees and ankles together hold the legs in this position for a few seconds then lower them again one two three go ahead remember that it is important not to lift the shoulders only the people should work it can be hard at first but keep working the results you will get are worth it you do it very well still sometimes just like bridges there are different types of leg lifts you can for example place a ball between your feet while wanted to raise to create an additional challenge it’s almost done good job you are now ready for the final exercise

exercise number 5 :

the abs every good sequence has abs this is probably one of the exercises the most most popular and effective in history and this is the last part of our series of exercises let’s do it so stay up with the feet slightly apart and do abs until thighs are parallel to the floor stay in this position for a few seconds then come back up again you know what to do now let’s get started abs trains multiple muscle groups like quadriceps and hamstrings and strengthens bones they will help you build muscle lose weight get toned and get stronger and generally healthy who wouldn’t want that well you ‘re already on the way good way remember to keep your arms parallel to the floor don’t do the abs too quickly and do n’t worry too much forward you do n’t need to rush just decreased the speed and does a good job again and it’s over how do you feel it’s something that fills you with energy isn’t it don’t forget to do your exercises every day that will only take you a few minutes but will certainly give you energy and determination it is important to start devoting time to improving your fitness and health regular exercise is the real key to having beauty and good health health so is there another exercise that helps you lose love handles tell us everything in the comments that’s all for today


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